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Gabriela Gentili

Ms. Gabriela is the Co-founder and CEO of SG-Reliance L.L.C in Egypt, SG-Reliance FZ-L.L.C in Emirates and SG International L.L.C India, SG Reliance Argentina...

She was born and raised in Argentina, where her grandfather was one of the biggest farm owners in Baradero provincia, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The grandfather was breeding cows, cropped chickpeas and other vegetable produce.

her  genesis in her grandfathers farm helped her to have special feelings and attention to the animals,  her passion lead her to be a professional breeder of dogs and Arabian Horses for more than 20 years. 

She was recognized with countless trophies from internationally recognized organizations.

Gabriela had a vision to set up SG Reliance FZ-LLC in Emirates ,SG Reliance L.L.C in Egypt and SG International LLC in India to be focal points connecting the East with the Gulf and the West with the arising needs and trading opportunities that appears every day in the veterinary medicines industry.





Mr. Serag is the founder and the creator of SG Reliance business model.

His vision for SG Reliance is to become a leading supplier of veterinary medicines in the GCC & Africa. 

he is considered one of our pillars that drives the business, where he adds to the company 15 years of experience in Finance, Banking & Business Development.

He was raised and born in Egypt and started his career directly in the finance field working for one of the biggest international Banks known worldwide.

Mr. Serag holds several certificates in Finance, Investment and Management.

+20 1000 15 3000

Serag Takey El Din



Procurement & Business Development 

Wanda Erika Luduena

Wanda is responsible for sourcing and purchasing for the company. As the Business Development Manager, she is responsible for identifying new business opportunities and developing strategies to help the company grow.

Her role involves working closely with other departments within the company to ensure that all procurement and business development activities are aligned with the company’s overall goals and objectives.

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Consultant Doctor

Dr. Gabriel Maksoud Greco

Dr. Gabriel has a Doctorate in Animal Biotechnology from São Paulo State University (UNESP – Botucatu / SP), Brazil.

His thesis was titled “Efficiency of different ovulation inducing agents and combinations on uterine and ovarian characteristics and plasmatic LH concentrations in mares”. He also has a master’s in veterinary medicine from the same university where he evaluated new protocols to induce and synchronize ovulations in mares.

He has a degree in Veterinary Medicine from Fluminense Federal University (UFF – Niterói / RJ).

He has been awarded as the second best applied scientific work in the XXII Annual Meeting of the Brazilian
Embryo Technology Society (SBTE), and wrote 15 bibliographic 

Best Seller

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